Friday, January 18, 2013

HiShop Media Launch with FCC + OOTD!

Assalamualaykum w.b.t semua.
Ekyn nak kongsi aktiviti Ekyn untuk hari ini.
Basically Farmasi Color Cosmetic (FCC) jemput Ekyn to assist them for this HiShop Media Launch, held at Binjai 8 Soho Premium, KL.
Before we start, HiShop is a new cosmetics online store.
So, kalau you all nak shopping for some makeup stuffs, here is their link.
It was a small closed event, on the ROOF TOP of Binjai 8.

FYI, Ekyn seorang yang gayat atau takut tinggi atau dalam bahasa mudah acrophobia! ;)
So bila orang ajak keluar ke terrace roof top tu, fikir 2-3 kali dulu.

Back to the event, basically my job was to do makeup on the guest. (MUA nak buat kerja apa lagikan?)
Ekyn makeup kan 5 orang in total untuk hari ini.
The first was the performer, sorry I'm really bad with names, so tak ingat nama dia.
But I heard she will be releasing her EP soon, so will KIV on that!
The other 4 was HiShop's Makeover Contest Winners.
And of course they won a makeover session each.
Ekyn sempat ambil gambar dengan 2 orang yang terakhir.
Hopefully will be able to snatch more photos from FCC's Facebook page.
BTW, please like their page if you want to know more.
So I'm going to end my entry with some pictures of me with the contest winners.
Alhamdulillah they liked my touch.

Oh! BTW my OOTD:
Leopard print tshirt dress (Cantic) - RM29
Black arm innerwear - RM15
Red skinny jeans (Scarlet) - RM49
Black thin pashmina (My sister's)
Pink two tone crossed inner neck (Namha) - RM15
Black faux leather heels (Vincci)
White Hello Kitty watch (Coraline)
Camel faux leather sling hand bag, not in pictures (Summit)

*I'm cheap, I know! ;p

Hokayh! See you in the next update! <3